Most cultures in the world have used herbs for health and healing. Herbs support a healthy body and promote vitality.
We blend our herbal teas based on age-old herbal lore as well as modern understanding of the health benefits of plants.

We offer a range of herbal tea blends that cater for the ups and downs of everyday life, picking you up or calming you down,
or just giving comfort and warmth. Our herbal teas are caffeine-free and taste great.

Each tin (or refill bag) contains 25g, enough to make around 35 cups of flavoursome tea using the directions below.

Dawn — An invigorating combination of herbs to tone and enliven the body, with rosehips for vitamin C. Contains peppermint, raspberry leaf, rosehips, hibiscus, cornflowers, calendula petals.
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Dusk — A soothing blend of aromatics and herbs that calm the nervous and digestive systems.
Contains vervain and lemon balm leaf, chamomile, passionflower, cornflower petals, cinnamon.
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Cool — A delicious blend of herbs that calm
the nervous system and fruits that provide an energy boost. Contains lemon balm and vervain leaf, elder flowers, hibiscus, rosehips and sweet orange peel.
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Warm — A stimulating blend of herbs that warm the body as well as providing an immune boost.
Contains lemon grass, elder flowers, echinacea whole plant, cinnamon and ginger.
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We select herbs, spices and fruits for their specific health benefits and combine them in blends that are packed with flavour. Click on the links for more information about the health benefits of individual herbs.

Calendula petals are tonic and anti-inflammatory Chamomile flowers soothe the nerves and digestion
Cinnamon bark is useful for colds, nausea and flavour Cornflower petals are a tonic and add colour
Echinacea whole plant supports the immune system Elder flowers help with recovery from colds and fevers
Ginger root is a stimulant and aromatic Hibiscus flowers are a sweet astringent
Lemon balm leaf supports digestion and is aromatic Lemon grass is a tonic and stimulant with a great taste
Passionflower is calming and helps with sleep problems Peppermint leaf enlivens the body and soothes digestion
Raspberry leaf increases health and vitality Rosehips are high in vitamin C
Sweet orange peel adds flavour Vervain leaf soothes the nerves


Use a heaped teaspoon of herbs for each 500mL water in a teapot or infuser and allow to brew for 3 minutes,
or to taste. The flavour will become stronger with time. For an iced tea, strain, sweeten with honey if desired, then chill.
Garnish iced tea with fresh lemon balm or mint leaves and slices of lemon, lime or orange before serving.