Hibiscus sabdariffa drawing of ginger root
Other names Rosella, Jamaica sorrel, Guinea sorrel
Habitat A fast-growing annual, native to northern Africa
Constituents Organic acids (citric, maleic and tartaric), acidic polysaccharides, flavonoid glycoside
Actions Diuretic
Thirst quenching
Therapeutic uses Detoxification — increases urination and perspiration, assisting in removing wastes from the body
Heart health — lowers blood pressure and may control cholesterol
Digestive system — tones irritated tissues and stimulates movement of food through the digestive tract
Vitamin C — rich in vitamin C, which helps to ward off colds and flu and strengthen the immune system

absurditii blends Cool — combined with elder flowers, lemon balm, orange peel, vervain leaf and rosehips
Dawn — combined with calendula petals, peppermint, raspberry leaf, cornflower petals, and rosehips

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