The natural diet of a carnivore consists of raw meat, organs and bones as well as the gut content of prey.
This mix provides vegetable matter, mimicking the gut content of a herbivore.
Mixed with raw meat, it provides a balanced diet for dogs and cats.

Oats A good source of soluble fibre
Pumpkin seed Helps eliminate worms
Flax seed Provides omega 3
Seaweed meal Rich in minerals
Yeast Rich in B vitamins
Azolla Provides essential amino acids, vitamins
and minerals
Nettle leaf Anti-inflammatory, tonic, rich in iron
Carrot Helps eliminate worms
Rosehips Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, provides vitamin C

Directions: To make a natural food suitable for dogs and cats, combine 1 cup of mix with 1½ cups water and soak overnight (or use hot water if required immediately). Mix in 500 g minced or diced meat (preferably kangaroo without preservatives) and refrigerate.

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